Well, I’m in a whole new hemisphere now.

After finally making it to Japan, I’m ready to start giving my take on the gaming scene here. I’m all ready with my spankin’ new PC, my console and handhelds, and my bags full of ¥100 coins.

I’m expecting to see a lot of rhythm and music arcade-game professionals in gaming centres, carelessly flicking at buttons and whaling on fake drum kits with an unfettered mind. I’m also expecting to see a lot of magnetic progress cards, networked competitive play, persistent stats, asset-supported games (like collectible cards), and crazy spin offs. Away from the arcade front, I’m expecting to see a lot of brutally difficult and unforgiving games, as well as solid franchises that span for several iterations.

And in between all of that, I also plan to keep in touch with the Western market. Hell, I’d probably be doing more gaming with titles from the other side of the pond. Reach and Kane and Lynch 2 are getting some attention after a long hiatus.

Given that I’ll have a bit more time on my hands nowadays, I’m planning to write longer, more insightful and (hopefully) more entertaining reviews, as opposed to the sleep-deprived rants of late. (Although it might be more of the same, given that the hours I’d usually spend in an office would instead be spent at an all-you-can-drink session at a local izakaya. The more things change…)

Let’s get started.

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