The Trials and Tribulations of Foreign Gaming

Recently, I’ve been attempting to play Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.


It’s awkward trying to get into a game of such depth and scope without a firm grasp of the Japanese language. One would think that after about 7-8 months of being more or less immersed in Japanese culture, language and lifestyle that one would pick up at least a bit of the language.

Alas, I am reduced to the following:

  • Going through each and every single menu option to find what I’m looking for;
  • Entering menu options that look practically identical to one another, but for some reason are different;
  • Skipping through dialogue like nobody’s business (never before have I not cared about dialogue like this in an RPG);
  • Re-discovering the tutorial section after several days of play;
  • Being completely baffled as to why I’m flashing, sparkling, or have purple clouds spinning around my head (until I’m dead);
  • Having a loot chest full of items (namely potions) that have relatively high Rarity levels, but I have no idea how to use;
  • Eating the flesh of random monsters in the hope that it does something cool;
  • Finding the option to combine obscure items to make items that are even more obscure;
  • Attempting to glean information on items and the like from their tiny 5px x 5px icons;
  • Beginning collection quests with no idea of exactly what it is I’m meant to be collecting;
  • Attempting to describe to others the kind of monster I am hunting, and getting nowhere when I say, “It’s that big lizard.”

Still, it’s good fun whenever I break it out. I’m tempted to get a few of those Japanese PS3 titles as well for a bit of local fun.

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