Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Review

At least the guns sound cool.

This one was long enough to warrant its own article, so here it is. Hoping this article is the first of many (instead of those damned 5 Minute Reviews).

“Nowadays, it can feel a bit fatiguing to be exposed to so many games based on the premise of big, bulky intergalactic military forces. More often than not, they’ll be carrying guns that are proportionally big and bulky, and battling enemies that are as big and bulky as you are. And, despite your inch-thick armour, chances are you’ll still have to take cover and flit from waist-high concrete block to waist-high concrete block, ducking out to pop shots at your enemies who are also taking cover, tantalisingly exposing their heads like little exploding bullseyes.

Space Marine attempts to break at least part of this heavily entrenched pattern, but it doesn’t quite deliver the experience that we were all expecting.”

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