Hit & Miss – October 2011

“Hit & Miss” will be a semi-regular post discussing games that I’m looking forward to (and games that I’m not looking forward to).

Arkham City has already been released on consoles to critical acclaim, and now it’s been announced on Steam, with additional discounts if you own Arkham Asylum or Lego Batman. I’ve yet to forget the fluid combat, solid progression and pleasing controls of the first, and I think Arkham City is going to build on those strengths. Not to mention it’s motherfucking Batman.

The Battlefield 3 beta stats just came out, and they’re pretty impressive – 8 million participants can’t be wrong. It has managed to rekindle my passion for big multiplayer FPS, and even though there are things that shit me (that damned “tactical” flashlight is no fun for anyone when Friendly Fire is on) this is shaping up to be an exciting release, Battlelog be damned. Looking forward to laying down the hurt with that Engie kit.

RAGE could’ve used a bit more time and a bit less hubris. “We see consoles as the main focus.” That’s all well and good, but PC consumers shouldn’t have to suffer for it. Why release on PC in the first place if that’s the case? That’s not to say that id software don’t outright care about PC gamers: the next patch for RAGE focuses on improving textures, according to John Carmack’s Twitter feed. Feel free to release that, y’know, any day now.

Hitman: Absolution isn’t really doing it for me right now. It reminds me too much of Splinter Cell: Conviction, and even though I harbour no hate for it, I’d rather keep the two separate. The detection meter, the cover bounding, the perspective…it’s all too familiar. I also didn’t realise that 47 had the ability to accurately plot the patrol paths of guards since the last game. Some of the classic elements of the game are retained, but Hitman is more about effective, clinical murder and hiding in plain sight, rather than racking up a body count from the shadows. It’s good to ease new players in, I guess. I was just expecting something a bit more…familiar.

Finally, I’m not digging Dead Island’s release date here. “What release date?” you ask with a raised eyebrow. “That game is so last-couple-of-weeks.” Well, turns out that Dead Island is released in this region (Japan) on November 4th. Sucks to be me, no? It’s cool and all living here and having access to all these exclusively Japanese products, but it comes at the expense of some bad, bad regionalisation. I should just get my stuff imported.

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