Japanese Arcades – MJ5

A game where Gods convene. Shine on, you crazy diamonds.

Is there anything better than spending several hours hunched at a mahjong table, lungs assailed with second hand smoke and ears slowly succumbing to tinnitus every time those tiles are shuffled with a deafening chatter? I thought not.

Now all you closet gamblers, Asian uncles and wanna-be Hong Kong gangsters can take part in the wonderful pastime that is competitive mahjong – and you don’t even need to be chummy with the bouncer that’s always blocking the exit to the underground den you heard those spiky-haired Chinese kids talking about.

I drink your milkshake.

MJ5 offers online competitive mahjong play with other like-minded individuals, persistent stats via game card and mobile phone, and a league ladder to climb and conquer so you can truly show everyone that you are Chow Yun Fat. It also looks like there are scheduled events to compete in. Them Japanese take their games seriously, now.

Maybe, if you're good enough, you can see your name in lights too.

Unfortunately, this game doesn’t look like it promotes casual play, so you probably wouldn’t be able to have a quick pick up game when you next drop by this neck of the woods. Having said that, you’d probably be schooled by people who spend much, much more time on this machine than you.

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