Japanese Arcades – Aqua Pazza

Wait, what? You’re telling me that there is a fighting game that features characters from romance mangas, and the aim of the game is to use one schoolgirl to beat the ever-loving shit out of another schoolgirl?

Where has this been all my life?

Aqua Pazza is just that – pairs of schoolgirls battle it out in random locales, where one schoolgirl does the actual biffing and the other simply acts as a support character that appears on screen to either charge the opponent, elbow drop from above, or induce violent otaku nosebleeds. The fighting system, as with most Japanese fighting games, looks rather solid, and there are plenty of opportunities to show how well you can throw them ‘bows (even if most of the attacks consist of awkward bent-arm slaps or kicks that are juuust not quite high enough to get a good panty shot).

The above footage was of an actual player (he was using the tall chick wearing the dark blazer). He initially looked over at me as if to say, “You wanna step up, scrub?” but then he saw that I was filming and quickly looked away. Even the mightiest of warriors can be camera shy.

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