Japanese Arcades – Metal Gear Arcade

One thing I liked about Metal Gear Solid 4 was the PMC conflicts. Rather than maintain free standing armies, countries would simply employ the services of these companies and have them wage war on their behalf. Konami decided to take this one step further and make it into what I think is a pretty badass game.

This is Metal Gear Arcade. The unit is a booth about the size of an arcade racer, with speakers located behind and in front for a surround-sound(ish) experience.

Yep, that’s 3D-support you see there. It doesn’t look great for me through glasses, so I opt for 2D instead. It also employs head tracking, so you can either turn using the gun, or by looking left and right.

The gun. Firing rate, reload, grenades, movement and weapon selection are all controlled on the one unit.

The game can support pick up play, where you can train against bots and complete objective missions a couple of times for a couple hundred Yen. If you want to progress a character, you’ll need a Konami Amusement Pass to record your details. Presumably you’re also allowed to matchmake with other players around the country, join in events, complete Achievements and so on.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s very popular (despite the very obvious costs that have gone into creating something like this). It’s a shame because it looks rather interesting. I’d say that either the game is too expensive for the experience (which is weird because Gundam: BotB is still going gangbusters, and that shit ain’t cheap) or it’s just not doing that well in Hokkaido. Maybe it’s doing better elsewhere in the country?

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