Infinity Blade 2 [5 Minute Review]

You call that a knife…?

Chair’s mobile slash-tapping RPG will not appeal to everyone. Behind the flashy graphics and dramatic presentation, the concept is simple and toned down for mobile devices – swipe and tap to attack, dodge left and right to avoid most blows, and use your shield to block other attacks. It’s perfectly suited for the limited screen space a mobile device has to offer, but it’s hardly the console experience that we’re used to.

Infinity Blade 2 adds more meat to the combat formula. The ability to parry blows, more weapon types, and the introduction of character limitations such as shield breaking and exhaustion from excessive dodging makes fights more interesting and less repetitive. Heavy weapons and dual weapons allow for more offensive and defensive options, and I’ve found that particular weapon types work better against certain enemies. Good decisions made here.

There are more branching paths to explore in Infinity Blade 2. More paths open up as you defeat more bosses. (Yes, there’s more than one.) It’s another plus the sequel holds over the original – the promise of more areas to explore provides a greater incentive to keep playing.

Infinity Blade‘s main draw was mastering the loot, and Infinity Blade 2 carries on the tradition. The introduction of gemming is a smart move – socketed items can accept gems of certain sizes, and new gems can be forged using existing ones. The additional layer of new loot will surely keep hoarders happy to no end.

Infinity Blade 2 is a valiant effort in keeping the series fresh. More areas to explore, revamped combat, and more inventory to manage mean greater longevity for players. However, the grind-heavy gameplay and inventory juggling may be a turn off for some. It’s certainly a step up from its predecessor, but if you’re expecting a deep and enriching experience with solid storytelling and more role-playing elements, you should bite the bullet and just get yourself a handheld.

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