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LIMBO [5 Minute Review]

LIMBO‘s appeal is not to draw gamers in with fancy graphics, classy voice acting, or even a complex storyline. LIMBO strengths lie in its atmosphere and simplicity. LIMBO‘s colour palette matches its mood. Silhouettes and shades of grey belie a … Continue reading

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Skyrim [5 Minute Review]

Normally I’d dedicate more time to a game of this scope and depth, but I’m spending too much time actually playing the damned thing. There are also more than enough reviews out there that go into the nitty gritty details … Continue reading

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Why I’m terrible at Battlefield 3 (and how I can claw out of it)

I hate admitting stuff like this, but it’s true. I’m not a great Battlefield player. There are shining moments where I’m like a harbinger of death, raining hot lead on the oppressors, but most of the time I’m doing more … Continue reading

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