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Pete’s collection.

Update 16may12: So, this post got reddited, which is nice. I’m samsara_tmh, by the way. Some quick answers here: This setup isn’t mine. It belongs to 16bitghost, who I visited earlier this year. I don’t have any photos of the AV … Continue reading

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Binary Domain [5 Minute Review]

Cover-based shooters feel like they have run their course nowadays, but it appears Team CS1 didn’t get the memo. Binary Domain is heavily inspired by games such as Gears of War and Army of Two, but slight enhancements and different … Continue reading

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A New Golden Age?

When Mass Effect 3 came out, angry gamers instantly flooded the internet. There were only a small number of potential endings to the game – a game that was shaped by decisions a player made over the course of three … Continue reading

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