This game supports more than two players

I had time to cool off after my last post, because I wanted to provide some kind of fair and balanced view on the whole ‘Social Justice Warrior vs. Men’s Rights Activism’ conflict going on that has somehow spilled over into the gaming sphere.

I was musing on this for a few days, trying to express my thoughts clearly, and failing.

TotalBiscuit beat me to it with an excellent blog post.

It’s really, really long, but it’s a read with so much value and meaning packed in there. However, if you are already firmly entrenched on one side or the other, then you won’t find any value it in. You’ll see it as non-committal, fence-sitting tripe, because in your minds you’re already thinking, “Well, if you’re not with us, then you’re against us. If you’re not a social justice warrior / men’s rights activist, then you’re a fucking entitled-cishet-prick / psychotic-otherkin-tumblrjockey”.

That’s fine. Stand for your beliefs. Engage the enemy. Fight your holy war. I’m staying the fuck away from it, and from you.

For everyone else that wants to make sense of it all, this post may help you.

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