The Revenant (without the bear)

Well, I’m back.

I stopped writing because, in all honesty, I simply grew tired of the industry. The endless outrage, the weird gender politics…it was bewildering at the time, not to mention depressing. Games were meant to be my escape from these kinds of heavy topics, not repurposed as someone’s twisted political platform.

I eventually grew jaded and cynical at all the manufactured “controversy”, and stepped away from it all. It was only after finishing the main quest line of The Witcher 3 and just taking my time with my backlog that I began to realise that all the background noise is just that. I’m happy to tune it out.

So, I’m pretty much out of the loop. I used to scour my gaming news feeds on a regular basis, and now I can’t even remember the last time I logged in to Feedly. I’m now several months behind in terms of releases (and, of course, my backlog has only increased in size since then) but I’m still really excited about the future, particularly with VR.

I’m not sure what I’ll be covering. I wish I could travel more and find more interesting gaming-related culture bits in the same vein as Pete’s Room. Hopefully an opportunity will present itself.

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